Healthier Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who has the January blues? I can hardly keep up with the Toronto weather – last Saturday I was out and about in a light jacket, and this week it’s -20 C with the windchill! This blustery weather has been giving me serious cravings for comfort food and when I saw the recipe for single serve chocolate chip cookies making it’s rounds on the web, I pretty much immediately flipped my oven on.

I used this recipe, but for everything I bake, I like to make a few tweaks to make it slightly healthier:

Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookies

Served up with some tea & almond milk, ’twas quite the little afternoon treat.


Designing A Gender Neutral Nursery

OK – so I’ve totally neglected blogging for the past 6+ months. Whoops. But I’m back, hopefully with more regular updates as I use this thing to help me learn some web skills! A lot has happened since I last updated, the largest bit of news being that I am now 20 weeks pregnant…we sure didn’t waste any time!

We’re starting to think about what to do with the nursery. We are keeping the gender a surprise, which makes it more of a challenge to decorate (I find myself tempted to use lots of hot pink). I put together a little mood board (I’m a total Photoshop newbie, so this is heavily inspired by the mother of all nursery mood board sites, Lay Baby Lay). I’ve tried to keep it more or less budget friendly and realistic…with links to Canadian retailers where possible!

Here, I’m working with the wall colour we’ve already got – thanks to a little paint colour app I downloaded on my iPhone. I’m not big on rooms being overly “themed” – so I’m sticking to colour and pattern to tie everything together. We’ll see if the finished product looks anything like this! Links to the items can be found below the image.


Nursery Moodboard


one. Johnathan Adler Porcelain Lion Night Light ($48) two. Brass Pendant Light ($50) three. Themis Mobile by Artenica ($32) four. Birth Announcement by LeoLittleLion ($22) five. Jenny Lind Crib ($160) six. Baby Giraffe Print ($25) seven. Chevron Rug ($219 + 50% off) eight. World Roots Map ($50) nine. Frame Wall via Lay Baby Lay ten. IKEA Dresser Makeover using O’Verlays eleven. Shiny Gold Giraffe ($38)


Investment Dressing – High Heels

I’m about to start a new job (more on that later) that will require me to get a little bit more dressed up than the standard  lululemons and wool socks uniform from my relaxed work-from-home editing job.

I have to say I’m excited to get back into the “real world” and start caring about my clothes a little bit more, but I’ve realized that i’m lacking on a few essential wardrobe staples that will be appropriate to go from the office to cocktails.

I’d like to approach this wardrobe building with the idea that if i’m going to wear it all the time, I’m going to invest money into pieces that are beautiful, durable, and comfortable.

 ”Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.” - Coco Chanel


Today let’s talk about heels. Every woman needs the perfect pair of pumps. Investing in a black pair  as well as a nude pair will ensure that you have something to match any outfit you throw together.

Black Heels

How did I get to be 26 without owning a pair of black heels? I am seriously astounded at this fact. I’ve got other fun colours but nothing is more classic.

1 Miu Miu Leather Platform Pump, $645 | 2 Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Patent Leather Pumps, $625


1 Aldo Doyscher, $80 | 2 Zara Patent Leather Court Shoe, $49.90


Nude Heels

More appropriate for summer and the ultimate neutral, nude heels elongate the leg and can be worn with almost anything. For this look, i’d probably go for a patent which is easier to keep clean.



1 Miu Miu Leather Platform Pump, $645 | 2 Christian Louboutin Patent Rolando, $745


1 KORS Michael Kors Patent Leather Pumps, $195 | 2 Steve Madden Remmedy, $89.95



When I’m shoe shopping, I’m going to do my best to keep comfort and cost per wear in mind.

Please share, what’s the most comfortable pair of heels you have ever owned? What wardrobe items do you invest the most money in?



Champagne Cocktails

I love a good info-graphic.

Isn’t this guide to champagne cocktails cute?

I’ve got a lot of leftover prosecco from the wedding, so I’ll definitely be trying out some of these.

Aside from the infographic, I would recommend making this cocktail from A Cup Of Jo: The Best Party Cocktail You’ll Ever Have.  I made it for a party a couple weekends ago and it was delicious.


Photo Source: http://blog.loku.com/slider-ex-1/


Summer Trends: Pastel Denim

I love colour, so I am pretty happy that it looks like the trend of coloured denim is here to stay for at least the summer. While winter was all about bold hues (like red and cobalt blue) summer calls for a little bit of a lighter look.


Here are some of my favorite shades:

PEACH: Second Yoga, $120 CAD

Please excuse the awkward self portrait, I haven’t quite perfected that yet! I just picked up these jeans. I love this brand because it’s Canadian, and they really are the most comfortable jeans ever – they have so much stretch that you really could do yoga in them, but they are thick enough not to wear through in a second.

MINT:  Topshop, $60 US

These are next on my list to buy. Easy on the wallet, these mint skinnies can be worn with almost anything you’d wear your regular old blue jeans with. Available at The Bay, for us Canadians.

STYLING TIP: Your jeans are your stand out piece, so keep it simple with everything else – neutral top, and simple accessories work best.

Are you sporting this trend? What’s your favourite colour and brand?


Photo Credit: J Brand, xoKMS, Topshop. 


Specialty Cocktails

My favourite thing about going to weddings is noticing all the little details the couple added to make it a unique and personal experience. I think my favourite little detail at our wedding was the signs for specialty cocktails.

Photo: Mango Studios


We did our best to assign each member of our wedding party (and ourselves) a drink that we felt went along with their personality in some way. Once we had figured out who was what drink, I asked my super talented friend Igor to design a poster that we could frame and put beside the bar.

The key to the bridal party drinks was choosing things that didn’t require us buying any alcohol we wouldn’t have already – so you can see some of the “cocktails” are a bit simple…or not cocktails at all. I think the sign was a hit – we were out of “The Erika” by about 9:30pm.;)

For the bride & groom cocktails, Scott & I picked our very favourite drinks: an old fashioned & a french 75.

I loved the signs, and am waiting to re-frame them in a nicer frame and find a permanent spot for them on my wall.

If you were a drink, what would you be? Let me know in the comments!




Do’s and Don’ts: Wedding Dress Shopping

To continue ‘wedding week’: the do’s and don’ts for buying a wedding dress.

It took me a while to find my dress. Dress shopping starts out fun but for me, if I don’t find something I like quickly I get exhausted and frustrated. I like to get in and out of stores quickly.

In hindsight, I probably would have found “the dress” a lot more quickly if I had followed this advice.

1) Don’t: go in with any specific ideas.
Originally, I had this idea that I’d find a dress with a deep v-neck and straps. There are a million strapless dresses, and not many with straps so I thought it would be a little bit more unique. The problem: there are a million strapless dresses, and not many with straps. I was so limited that I’d only have a few dresses to try on and when they didn’t look great it was really disappointing.

2) Do: Trust your consultant.
Dress shopping is completely overwhelming – there are hundreds upon hundreds of dresses in each store. Trust the consultant to be able to assess your body type and pull dresses for you that will work. This is what they do all day – most of them are pretty good at it. I would have never pulled my dress myself – on the hanger it looked plain and boring – but when I put it on, it made me feel amazing!

3) Don’t: Worry about ‘offending’ the consultant.
I have a serious problem of being ‘too nice.’ I found that even if I hated a dress she pulled for me, I wasn’t coming out and saying it for fear of sounding difficult. People aren’t mind readers! You need to clearly communicate WHY you don’t like something so that the options can be rounded down. Normally, you aren’t working directly with the dress designer – nobody’s feelings are going to get hurt because you hate a certain detail.

4) Do: Know when it’s time to shop alone.
Bringing your family and friends dress shopping with you is part of the fun – but there can be a point when you need to break away from the pack and just go shopping on your own so that you can be clearer about what you want and how you feel in a particular dress. I was feeling like my friends were too positive about every dress (I know, cry me a river) and my mother was too neutral – she was so concerned I got what I wanted and not being “that crazy mother of the bride” that she was afraid to give an opinion – and I was looking for that huge reaction when I stepped out of a change room. I think we can blame both of these inaccurate expectations on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress. Ugh.

In the end, I found my wedding dress when shopping alone, and letting my consultant pull dresses for me. It was not anything like what I originally wanted, but I picked it because of the way it made me feel – it was such an easy decision after putting it on!


Dress: Rivini Armane from White Toronto


Bridesmaids Gift Idea: Getting Ready Robes

Well hello! I took a bit longer to get back in the swing of things after my amazing, amazing trip to Costa Rica. I have lots to share about that, but I’m still going through hundreds of pictures (I took hardly any myself, but luckily I was in the company of some pretty good cameras for a large portion of the trip).

I thought I would take this week to post about some of the little details that I loved about my wedding. First up: The Bridesmaids Gifts.

I take gift giving pretty seriously and thought long and hard about what to give my girls. I originally wanted to do jewelry (who doesn’t like getting jewelry) but I found it really hard to find something that I thought would suit everyone’s tastes while still sticking to my budget.

After a lot of browsing on the internet, I finally settled on something that I had bookmarked months and months ago: cute kimono style robes in gorgeous floral patterns from Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie.


Here are all my gorgeous friends wearing their robes the morning of the wedding. (That’s me in the centre!)  Aren’t they pretty?

(Photo by our amazing photographers, Mango Studios.)

I’m so glad I went with these robes – they looked absolutely gorgeous all together which made for a great photo and they make you feel really sexy wearing them.  I think the girls loved them too! I wear my robe all the time lounging around the house – it has definitely become a staple.


See you in 2 weeks…

I had grand plans of writing a bunch of posts to keep the space lively while I was away on my Costa Rican honeymoon, but alas I have simply run out of time. We’re flying out way too early tomorrow morning (6:30am!) but the good news is we should be on the beach by the afternoon. I can’t wait to sip cocktails in the rainforest. Catch you in 2 weeks! (Image from Getty)